Google Finance News: Now Silver’s Back, Alright!

According to Personal Finance News, good news, it is now the second year for silver to maintain a high and optimistic value while gold reaches the first peak after five periods.


Silver futures contracts are back to an almost two-year peak last Wednesday, as United States stock market maintained at a constant value their latest rally, providing a boost in gold prices, which marked its first increase for an entire duration of shocking five sessions.


The latest rally in United States equity securities or SPX is +0.24 percent while DJIA at +0.09% had smeared the allure of other precious metals, which most often functioned as a leverage against investments with high risks.


September silver or SIU6 in short has -0.85%. This has been the positive outlier compared to gold in the latest weeks and incremental 24.2 centavos, or 1.2% and to maintain at 20.413 in United States dollar for every ounce. Silver, which is getting an increased and improved boost from its utilization as industrial commodities, has reached and maintained its peak and most targeted settlement since July 2014, based on the results in FactSet.


On a separate note, the August gold or GCQ6, at +0.02% with an increment of $8.30, or in currency equivalent is 0.6%, to stop at $1,343.60, an inch following the decline in almost four sessions.


In online e-trading, gold futures reached the top at $1,344 right after the most recent Federal Reserve’s so-called beige book which states surveys was released on an afternoon last Wednesday provoked questions regarding the wider and more comprehensive health of the economy in the United States during the year’s second half. Fragile and questionable economic data can provoke diluted and lower expectations for an incremental increase in several, which is considered supportive in the prices of gold. Higher interest rates have a tendency to decrease demand for gold, silver and other precious metals. These will not result to a yield, according to Healthcare Finance News.


Last Wednesday, the Dollar Index in the United States or DXY, +0.12% declines at 0.4%, returning to an ordinarily regular relationship where the gold and several precious metals move in a backward manner. Primary stock indexes in the United States were combined with other preceding settlement of gold prices. Financial analysts at a commercial bank stated that rates of interest for several precious metals were not offset with ETF cash revenue inflows the day before.


As a matter of fact, gold ETFs which are traced by Bloomberg have a record of outflows amounting to approximately 10.6 tons last Tuesday—the largest outflow for a single day in this current year. The largest ETF of gold in the world, which is called SPDR Gold Trust, has reported ETF outflows amounting to 16 tons.


“It is yet very early for reaching conclusions on patterns regarding this matter based on data available as of date, stated the Commerzbank. It added that there are thousand and hundreds of reasons why investors should choose gold as safe place to invest in. And another event has happened ever since the day before: the Permanent Court of The Hague regarding Arbitration has already dismissed the claims of China in South China Sea. They consider that it is not legal. This verdict had a tendency to provoke new political tensions among China versus its neighbors in Asia, and between the United States and China.


In trading last Wednesday, the Gold Trust ETF GLD or SPDR is at 0.16% and increased by up to 0.9%. Meanwhile, the SLV at +0.10% increased by a small percentage of 1.5%.


In other metals like October platinum or PLV6 at -0.80% increased by $2.30 or 0.2% in percentage form, to $1,100.20 for every ounce, and September palladium or PAU6 at -0.04%  increased by $15.25, or by 2.4% in percentage form amounting to $644.20 for every ounce.


September copper or HGU6 is at +0.04%, increased by 2.7 cents or 1.2% in percentage, ending at an amount of $2.24 for every pound.


Copper is many time considered very sensitive to the growth and development in China, said Colin Cieszynski, the chief market tactician of CMC Markets. However, copper sellers and buyers ignored the data and statistics in June which showed a decrease compared to the previous year in terms of Chinese imports in their domestic currency, Yuan.


Based on Google Finance News, this indicates that buyers and sellers are still positive regarding the future for a wider world economy‎ and its potential for increased and improved catalysts in Japan. There are high hopes despite the debates and regular discourse of not using the helicopter funds and talks of different fiscal strategies.